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What BVE Terminus can offer.
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Here at BVE Terminus we can offer you hosting for your BVE creations, this will hopefully take away some of the financial stress and leave you free to concentrate on developing. You are given full control of your own subpage and once it is set up you are free to run it as you please. All we ask is that you promote your creations through our BVE Terminus Forum, you are free to announce wherever else you wish but we feel that you should support the website that supports you. We are fully funded until December 2022 plus unlimited bandwidth and 5Gb of online storage for all your files. All this thanks to the generosity of one member and you will not be peppered by advertising or annoying pop ups. If you wish to take up the offer, then please contact one of the Forum moderators.
What is BVE / OpenBVE?
BVET Hosting at work.
Both are freeware railway simulators that offer the users the opportunity to drive routes from inside the cab. These routes or addons have been developed by the members of the Community and then released free of charge for you to enjoy. Most developers are into the spirit of "open source" and will normally only require you to acknowledge their works if you choose to use their creations in a route that you develop. There are websites that offer premade objects and other tools to make your route development as easy as it can be.
Here at BVE Terminus we're proud to announce the hosting of another two (2) BVE websites. This is what we're here to do, assist those that need a BVE hosting solution free of the cost and hassles associated with other so called "free" hosting solutions.
So welcome onboard to both Alan H's wonderful series of the Midland and ELR routes and more recently Jacko's new route Binley Heath.
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  • ELLv3 Whitechapel
  • Welsh Borders Line
  • Twi-Wat Twickenham
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